Ask me anything   My name is Haley and I adore LUSH. These are the adventures from my bathtub.

My new favorite shower gel from Lush is Flying Fox! My mom was the one who got me hooked on this a few months ago and for my birthday she bought me the large bottle :) Initially in the shower it has a very strong jasmine, foral scent.  But once you dry off it transforms into a soft honey scent.  On me I think it smells like honeysuckle, which I LOVE.  

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So the Easter products have been in stores for a few days now… I’m most interested in getting a Carrot Top bubble bar! It’s reusable, meaning you just swish it around in the bath a few times instead of dropping the whole product into the tub, giving you a few more uses (about 6!) out of it than a regular bar.  I also realllyyy want to try the Hippy Chick bath bomb.  It has the same scent as Happy Hippy, which is one of my favorite shower gels!  The bath bomb is available online only, so I’ll probably be putting together a little order together soon for that!

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A few things my mom got me for my birthday!

A few things my mom got me for my birthday!

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It’s my birthday! I got some cute things at the mall with Eddie earlier today and now we are all going to the beach.  Great day!

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